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I’m sure you’ve heard by now about the NCAA’s suspension of Pryor and other players for 5 games next year for engineering a barter system with a local tattoo parlor as well as selling items they’d received for their collegiate football accomplishments. Contrary to what critics are saying (Kirk Herbstreit!), I don’t have any recollection of any NCAA rules & regulations that prohibited us from selling items given to us.

Don’t get me wrong, you’d be dumb to believe that they were all “trying to help support their families” but either way they should be allowed to sell the items given to them.

The NCAA is one of the shadiest organizations in America which is evident by their willingness to let the players play in their bowl game. In allowing them to play (all key OSU key players), it means Ohio State and the BCS will not miss out on any financial gain in their upcoming bowl game. Gotta “feed the machine.” They claim they’re trying to be considerate of seniors but I can promise you, the NCAA has no remorse for anyone but themselves. (In depth stories available at requests!)

Anyway, don’t feel too sorry for Terrelle, he’ll still be making more money than 70% of Americans even if he has to play in Canada.

I knew Ohio State couldn’t last on the top. They were one of my favorite college teams at one point but as any football fans know, they are one of the biggest teases of talent in the NCAA. I didn’t even watch the full game but I saw one of the most obvious things in football: If you can’t stop the run, U-R-Screwed.

Both of Wisconsin’s RBs ran crazy, with John Clay being the first RB to run for 100 on the Buckeyes in the last 2 years. FYI: He and his back-up James White are on pace for 1,000 yard seasons.

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