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Yesterday (May 16th) the team announced via Facebook, that they have declined to be this year’s featured team on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.” The show, provides an in-depth look at a team during training camp and is widely considered one of the best quality reality shows on television seeing how it’s shot more documentary-style than reality.

The Bucs, were favored because of their on-the-rise new young team, and very quotable free-speaking head coach, Raheem Morris. It was also believed that the Bucs would jump at the opportunity to be featured on the show in an effort to bring publicity to a successful team, that most of the nation knows nothing about. The team also failed to sell out a home game this past season, and had to wonder how the show’s exposure may have influenced revenue.

Ultimately, I guess management took note of how much unwanted media attention the Jets received after being featured last year, and decided against it. A Buccaneers team official has stated that “Hard Knocks” could still be a possibility in 2012 though.