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The rich may get richer!

Former North Carolina State quarterback Russell Wilson visited Auburn on Tuesday and is considering a transfer to the defending national champions. Although he only has one year of eligibility remaining, he graduated early from NC State, making him eligible to play immediately.

Wilson threw for 3,663 yards and 28 touchdowns last season at NC State. But NC State coach Tom O’Brien, decided to go with Mike Glennon as starting quarterback after becoming frustrated with Wilson dividing his commitments between football and baseball.

Wilson, an infielder for the Asheville Tourists, a Class A minor league team of the Colorado Rockies, has been granted a release from NC State and

Auburn, which lost Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton to the NFL draft, has had no quarterback emerge as the Tigers’ clear starter during spring practice.

He’s a better passer than Cam, but obviously doesn’t have the strength or size. Nonetheless, if he went to Auburn…O boy…



Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers                                             Patrick Peterson – Arizona Cardinals

He’s been a beast all year and now it’s time to cash in. He had 11.5 sacks and 24 tackles for loss in 2010 alone. While many are comparing him to Suh, I don’t think he’ll be as dominate. He’ll be good as long as he goes to a 4-3 team but might not see success as fast as Suh.

I think the Panthers definitely need him but may need to draft Cam Newton just because they need a new face for the franchise and that’s something a Defensive Tackle can’t represent.

According to ESPN, Cam is leaving Auburn. Is anyone really surprised? I think not. With Andrew Luck staying in school it was obviously the smartest choice because now scouts can decide who’s the top QB, he or that kid from Missouri no one’s heard of.

I still think Mallett from Arkansas will be the best pro. He has the best deep ball I’ve seen at the college level in a long time. And any Roethlisberger comparisons should go to him not Newton. But Newton did prove something to me in the national championship. He just needs to quicken up his release.