My Top NFL Draft Prospects Notes:

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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 Evaluating every draft pick here at:

Ryan Mallett: Will be the most successful QB out of this class. Has the best deep ball I’ve seen in awhile, hitting all his receivers in full stride. Ben Roethlisberger clone, being deceptively agile for his size, a proven winner and able to make every throw while off balance or not. But like Big Ben, he has issues off the field as well…

Jake Locker: Is the most overrated QB I’ve seen in years. My favorite quote from analysts that love him “Great QB, but struggles with his accuracy,” thats an oxymoron. If he were black they’d been trying to switch his position.

Cam Newton: Won’t be decent till his third year. His delivery is too slow and mechanical. Would be best drafted into a apprentice position but will be forced into action to try and help the $ struggles of one of the struggling teams (Bills, Panthers, Jags…).

Patrick Peterson: Is the real deal, no question about it. Even if he somehow failed at corner, he’d still be an above average safety. It’s hard to be a consistent Pro Bowler at corner but he will be a 10 year vet and earn at least 2 earned All-Pro nods.

Julio Jones: His body and skills should translate well to the league but he is injury prone so will probably never reach his full potential. Will make 2 Pro Bowls though.

AJ Green: May be limited in the pros because of his thin frame, but should translate to a good route-centered system.

Prince Amukamara: Is and has been overrated since 09 season. Sometimes pundits fall in love with big corners far too easy. Had too many PIs and was exposed in man coverage.

Nick Fairley: Is getting screwed over. How many DTs could make themselves a household name like he did during the National Championship? He’s being called a 1 year wonder but I’d take that over inconsistency any day.

Von Miller: Will be efficient but not as phenomenal as the pundits think. He reminds me of DJ Williams on the Broncos but could be an athletic flop like Boss Bailey in the 03 draft.

Marcell Dareus: Didn’t live up to the hype in college so why would he do it in the pros? He’s a good run stuffer but shouldn’t be drafted high for that. If he goes to a 3-4 scheme as projected, he’s doomed. Think Glenn Dorsey.

Blaine Gabbert: Was awarded “top QB” by default after Andrew Luck decided to stay at Stanford and the QB field was left thin. I’d stay away from him because he has Alex Smith and David Carr written all over him…

Mark Ingram: Is a great running back who is criticized for his speed and size. Similar to Knowshon Moreno when he left Georgia, in that they may not have all the measurements and fastest times but do have that “it” factor and can turn the field into a video game. Think a more physical Ahmad Bradshaw.

Will be commenting on every draft pick:

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