Devin Hester is Writing a Parenting Column

Posted: March 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Beginning in April, Hester will begin writing a monthly column for Chicago Parent magazine. The inspiration for this new adventure? His 1-year old son! (Insert a stereotype girl sigh “Awwwww”) Hester, will chronicle his adventures through the city with Devin Jr. in an effort to reach out to fans, fathers and readers on another level.

“The fathers who are leaning toward not being a father figure, I want to let them know being in your son’s life in the most important thing for the first 13 to 15 years,” Hester told the AP. “Those are the key years. The things a father did when he was young, a young child wants to know.”

Hester said he was lucky enough to have two father figures in his life at a young age. His biological father died of cancer when he was 10, and it was his step-father that encouraged him to play football following the death. “Hangin’ with Devin” will debut in Chicago Parent’s April issue.

I don’t even think I can explain how great this sounds. We so often hear about athletes ducking and dodging their children and responsibilities but finally we have a notable athlete thats a happy family man and wants to express it to the world. This might be one of the best things I’ve ever posted.


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