Charlie Sheen Accuses QB Ryan Mallett of Drug Use

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett has been accused of drug use (which I don’t doubt) and its one of the main cons against NFL teams drafting him, so when arguably the most talked about person in the news, Charlie Sheen mentions your name it’s sure to attract a lot of attention whether he was kidding or not.

While on “The Dan Patrick Show” Mr.Charlie ‘Cocaine’ Sheen said the following:

“Hey, can you call Ryan Mallett back and tell him that he left his bong, he left his herb, his sensimilla, he left it all at my house…and I’m like, ‘I’m drug-free – come get this stuff, young man!’ ”

What a hater…but I think we’re all surprised that Sheen, in all his coke binging, prostitute paying and working, still has time to keep familiar with the players in the NFL draft. Thats pretty dope.


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