Why Bob Sanders to the Chargers is Useless

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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To be brief: The Chargers use their strong safeties down in the box more than most teams in the league. That’s why they’ve usually had a bigger safety excel there in years past (Kevin Ellison 2009). Someone like Bob Sanders and his injury history won’t be able to handle that style of play after getting hurt in the Colts’ (easier) Cover 2 scheme.

  1. t2 says:

    I duno man…its not like bob sanders is a cover safety anyway. The majority of his highlights seem to be big hits forced fumbles and comn dwn on recievers after the catch. He’s undersized but he plays well near the LOS. The chargers somehow turn subpar safeties into playmakers so I like to think bob shld excel. But I am partial to this pairing…. this fit for some reason dsnt sit right with me

    • jamtechnique says:

      Yes but coming down from 10-15 yds back, not starting off in the box…The Chargers usually draft the safeties that others teams think lesser of because they fit in their scheme…They’ve never had a little safety like him tho. Most of their current safeties have experience at corner too

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