Cam Newton Turning Pro!

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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According to ESPN, Cam is leaving Auburn. Is anyone really surprised? I think not. With Andrew Luck staying in school it was obviously the smartest choice because now scouts can decide who’s the top QB, he or that kid from Missouri no one’s heard of.

I still think Mallett from Arkansas will be the best pro. He has the best deep ball I’ve seen at the college level in a long time. And any Roethlisberger comparisons should go to him not Newton. But Newton did prove something to me in the national championship. He just needs to quicken up his release.

  1. Martymar24 says:

    I agree, good decision by Cam to declare. I am crazy interested in how he will do. Let it be known that yes, dude is a beast, fast, huge and a good arm but dude always had sooo much time in the pocket. What’s he going to do when he needs to let that thing go asap. Like you said, he needs a faster release and I’m wondering if he is going to rely too much on his legs when the pressure starts getting to him…it’s going to be interesting to see, can’t wait til August!

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