Why Oregon Will Win

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

Oregon will win today because of these three main reasons:

1. They’re A Better Team
They’ve blown out people all year and have only had 1 close game, compared to Auburn’s 6. Oregon almost lost to one of its weakest opponents of the year, Cal but sadly its typical of winning teams to overlook competition sometimes (see Ohio State vs. San Diego St. 2002). Also, Cal’s defense is statistically better than Auburn.

2. More Weapons
Auburn has Cam Newton, and that it. You can’t name another player from that offense off the top of your head (Nick Fairley may be the only other player on the team most can name).
Oregon has the nation’s leading rusher (before bowl games) LaMichael James, 2nd Team All-Conference QB Darron Thomas (2nd to Heisman trophy runner-up Andrew Luck), and arguably the league’s most consistent receiver in Jeff Maehl.

3. Better Special Teams
Field position is the most underrated factor in determining a game’s outcome. Oregon leads the nation in punt return yardage and Cliff Harris has 4 returns for TDs. Auburn ranks #77 with 6.2 yards.

Game Outcome:

Oregon 34  Auburn 27

The only way Auburn can win this game is if Oregon commits +3 turnovers.

LaMichael James won’t be as big of a factor as Darron Thomas will. James will be limited to below 100 yards (around 80) and Thomas will have more than 230 passing.

Came Newton, will run for at least 75 yards but Auburn will be forced to abandon the running game when they have to catch up to Oregon’s score continually. Newton will finish with over 220 yards passing but will have at least one costly turnover.

Good luck with your bets folks!


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