Why Rich Rodriguez Wasn’t A Good Fit

Posted: January 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

After days of speculation and denial, University of Michigan finally fired Rodriguez. I knew this was a horrible hire the minute they announced it three years ago and contrary to what they may have said, he was definitely their second option after originally pursuing Les Miles.

InMichigan’s history and especially with Lloyd Carr, Michigan has been one of the best football factories in the country churning out numerous top NFL talent and in turn winning consistently with those players recruited to play in a ‘pro system.’ Rodriguez runs a college system that doesn’t translate well to the next level and takes a lot of tinkering to even be successful in college.

Look at the two most notable players he sent to the NFL from West Virginia, Steve Slaton and Pat White. One showed promise as a rookie, flunked as a second year, and has been demoted to third string (and likely cut after Ben Tate returns from injury) in his third year with the Texans.

After two unsuccessful seasons as a seldom used Wildcat quarterback with the Dolphins, Pat White was released and is currently playing minor league baseball for the Kansas City Royals.

Can you name any West Virginia players making an impact in the NFL? Or better yet, just name a former W.V. in the league. Hard I know (Darius Reynaud is all I could think of). Rodriguez was in over his head from the beginning.

Ask me to name a former Michigan player making an impact in the league right now…I tripple dog dare you…

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