The Raiders Display More Ignorance, Fire Tom Cable –

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

ESPN Reports: “The Oakland Raiders informed coach Tom Cable on Tuesday that they will not bring him back as coach next season even though he led them to their best record in eight years this season.”

He wasn’t fired technically, but the team decided not to exercise a two-year, $5 million option he had on his current contract for the next two seasons.

To be honest, I wasn’t very fond of his hiring in the beginning because I like most people had never heard of him. Also, after hearing about the fight with his assistant coach, I thought he seemed like a douche.  But the more you think about it, those were actually some of the main reasons why he was actually a great fit for the Raiders. See my main 3 reasons below.

1. He actually wanted to be there. And it was obvious every Sunday and on the sidelines. Any other coach would likely just use the job for a resume builder and would have been immediately burnt out by Al Davis and his shenanigans (see Lane Kiffin).

2. He was actually was the best symbol of Raider culture available in coaching (Rex Ryan is a distant 2nd). He’s an unknown, huge, intimidating guy with a rebel mentality, who looks like he rides Harleys and obviously doesn’t hesitate to beat up whoever’s in his way. Is there a better example?

3. He made the Raiders watchable again. Davis claims credit for bringing in the new offensive coordinator this season but the its no doubt Cable has a heavy hand in the play strategy and play calls. The head coach would recieve the blame if they lost, so he definitely deserves the praise if they win.

Why not commit $5 million and two years to a coach who has proven himself by achieving the best record your team has had in almost a decade, but feel comfortable committing $23 million to wide receiver everyone told you not to pick and $30 million to the biggest flub err I mean flop in NFL history? The Raiders are doomed till pops kicks the bucket, sorry to say…

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