Bigger Threat? Devin Hester or DeSean Jackson

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Yes, I kinda stole it from PTI but its still a great question. So who would you want for your team?

  1. T2 says:

    hands down-no brainer. Dsean jackson. Hes the better wr….and Devin is the better returner (as he also dbls as pr and kr)now…this is why i say this. Dsean averages 22 yards a catch. TWENTY TWO yards a catch. that is unheard of and also EASIER to exploit from a coaches standpoint. Desean on my team makes us better then Devin on my team. Desean is closer to being as good as a returner to devin then devin is to being as good a retuner as Desean. ( Did ya follow that?) Ive sean devin play in person…he’s still not a good WR…(dropped balls, subpar routes, lack of knowledge) all of his offensive production are based off schemes that play to his strength….(screens…bubbles..etc).

    • jamtechnique says:

      I agree that DeSean brings more to the table but here’s something else to be considered:
      #1 Hester not only is likely to return the ball all the way for a TD if you kick to him, but if you avoid him, you’re likely giving the Bears great field position. His affect on the offense’s field position could be considered more valuable than DeSean’s offense because one could argue Macklin is just as likely to do everything DeSean does.
      #2 Hester doesn’t bring any drama to the locker room or in front of the media. All season we’ve heard about DeSean complaining etc. After this past game Hester was crying his eyes out about how grateful he is for his teammates…

      All said, I’d prob still take DeSean…But I’d have him hit the weights lol

  2. t2 says:

    dsean is closer to being as good a returner as hester is…..than hester is to being as good a receiver dsean

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