Train Conductor Turns Down the Jets

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been slow with posting this but here’s the rundown:

Keith Fitzhugh, was an undrafted free agent with the Jets after graduating from Mississippi State. They cut him (like most undrafteds), he bounced around the league a little and soon fell out. With his degree in hand and needing to support his family, he did what most former athletes just can’t seem to bring themselves to, he found a full time job.

As the football season rolled on, suddenly the Jets safeties were hit with a string of injuries. In dire need, the team had to reach out to someone familiar with their system who could step in immediately and help. Fitzhugh graciously declined.  Now working as a train conductor, he has great benefits, job security that the NFL doesn’t offer and an appreciation for his line of work. He said he honestly didn’t feel playing football for what could potentially be a few weeks wasn’t worth the gamble of losing a great job.

We could only wish NFL teams had guys this smart and humble…

Original story:

  1. MW says:

    It’s good he loves his job because he can say he had the opportunity to play in the league and not have any regrets about not doing it. At least he had an experience that few have. Playing college ball alone, he can say he’s done something that a lot of people havent.

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