What Happen to Terence Newman?

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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At one time, one of my favorite players, I must admit that over the last 2 years, he’s become one of the league’s worst DBs. He’s become more bullied than “the class nerd” Orlando Scandrick. You could blame their defense (which seems to be stuck on man coverage) but at best he’s looked like a 4th corner for the last 2 seasons.

This is a guy who at one point was touted as the fastest player in the NFL, with such myths as 4.1 speed! But recently it’s not showing in his game at all. Have you noticed that everytime you see him beat he seems to be right there but seems like he’s barely trying?

As a former corner I also have to say he seems soft as hell. His jam is half-ass and he never wraps up for tackles, opting to just throw his right shoulder out there instead. Another example of his non-toughness is he’s constantly injured. Try to think of one Cowboys game you watched where he didn’t have to leave at some point “injured.” He’s always limping or grabbing his ribs. He’s not even good in the virtual world, always getting hurt on Madden!

  1. CT says:

    Sigh….if only this wasn’t true

    Newman was definitely a solid player at one point, but so was Roy Williams. These two players were commodity talented players. Was the hard hitting Roy ever a “great” coverage safety? Has Newman ever been a player of force?

    These players were good enough to have teams creates schemes to beat em, make Roy question weather to run up and fill and you take his strength away, quite possible your seeing a similar fate for Newman as he is constantly being exposed now.

    As far as his durability that could be linked to his confidence, he always like you said is rolling around on the ground pretty much every game, but he always comes back in, as if he now has a disclaimer if he gets beat. If you can play through that pain you get up and walk back to the huddle you don’t cause a scene. Newman like Roy has lost his mojo

    My only defense for Newman is that he’s not the only Corner deteriating. Mike Jenkins is no where near the pro bowl corner he just was recently, maybe this is linked some how and the struggles are team and philosophy based…

  2. KO says:

    You’re right CT, I think he only gases up his injuries so he can’t be blamed for any future events that may occur (him likely being beat deep).

    Mike Jenkins isn’t deteriorating though. He is an example of someone who had their head blown up wayyy too big following his success last season. When he messes up, it isn’t because of weaknesses like Newman, its because of him taking risks and being out of position (the constant pass interferences).

    He’ll be better when they incorporate more zones next year so he can read and react to plays in front of him instead of doing it in man coverage.

  3. T2 says:

    Not exactly sure what happened to this guy…. Sad ta see him fall, but fallen he definitely has… The last good play i seen him make was in ’07 when he walked randy moss down from behind.


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