Jacoby Ford = 2nd Coming of Steve Smith

Posted: December 9, 2010 in Uncategorized
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They’re the same height and the same weight. Both have that crazy quickness and world-class speed. Last and maybe most important, they both have that Napoleon complex/chip on their shoulder that leads them to exhibit extremely surprising strength.

Like Smith as a rookie, he’s returned 2 kickoffs for touchdowns and is averaging nearly 25 yards a return. Like Smith he hasn’t been the team’s first receiving option but has made clutch plays to help his team to victory (Ford has 17 catches to Smith’s 10 in ’01).

You heard it here first, Jacoby Ford is the next Steve Smith…But with less beating up of teammates…

  1. DiLLyDaLLy says:

    A young star with a bright future no doubt… Making catches that sparked comebacks and performing at levels that undoubtedly brought victory for the Raiders. Great job on the article, but the season isn’t over yet.

  2. T2 says:

    ehhh…..promising young rookie…undeniable speed. But i draw hardly any comparison to Steve smith. Steve smith…who 2 years ago…was arguably The best WR in the game.. is a technician..exploits the nuiances of the position. Hes not a great WR bcz hes fast….hes a great WR becz hes a great Wr. Jacoby is a very fast wr….at the apex of his game he’ll be considered as….maybe the best returner in the game, or a big play guy(see: mike wallace). His hands are shaky and his routes are as well. But hes very talented and will continue to succeed. Small wr’s are often compared to eachother but smith cant be placed in that same category

    • jamtechnique says:

      Smith didn’t walk into the game as a technician though. He started on special teams, showed signs and grew into something special. Ford just needs time to develop.
      I definitely don’t see him as just a speed guy. Its his strength in addition to his other skills that make me compare him to Smith. He’ll be one of their top OFFENSIVE weapons in the upcoming years, I promise you that.

      Mike Wallace, just a big play guy?! You’re crazy! That dude has definitely become a complete receiver.

  3. T2 says:

    lmao @ the napolean thing though. no argument there

  4. T2 says:

    lmao @ the napolean thing though….. no argument there

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